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On-Site Activities Force Applications Pressure Applications
Vacuum Applications Linear Measurement Torsion Applications
Force Calibrations Geotechnical Equipment Asphalt Equipment
Extensometry Prestress Equipment Misc. Equipment
Manufacturers Services Provided Pressure Equipment
    Vacuum Equipment    

Force Applications
  Compression: to 800,000 Lbf
  Tension: to 250,000 Lbf
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On-Site Activities
Our standard pricing includes:
  On-Tour Rates
  Multi-Machine Discounts
  Pro-Rated pricing to put your equipment into on-tour status
  Special Trip Packages (for emergency service)
  Educational Discounts

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Vacuum Applications
  Vacuum 30 in hg

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Force Calibrations
  Compression Testing Machines
  Tensile Testing Machines
  Universal Testing Machines
  Load Cells
  Crane Scales
  Three Edge Bearing Machines (Pipe Testers)
  Lo-Test Machines (Plastic Pipe)
  Horizontal Test Frames (Wire Rope & Sling Applications)
  Bolt & Anchor Testers
  Tensiometers (Geosynthetics)
  Modulus of Rupture Devices
  Pull Out Testers
  Adhesive Bond Tester
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  Extensometers (Tension & Compression) up to 30" G.L.
  Crack Extensometers
  Rod Positioning Systems
  Crosshead Displacement Devices
  Speed Controls
  x-y Plotters
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Service/Calibration Capabilities by Manufacturers
Forney Tinius Olsen Satec Reihle
Baldwin Southwark MTS/Sintech/QTEST ELE
Soiltest ADMET Geo Engineering Karol Warner
Trautwein Geotest Geotech Humboldt
Hogentogler Gilson Rainhart IPC
Interlaken Cox Instron ATS
United Scott Thwing Albert Com-Ten
Testmark Electro-Standards Pine Enduratec
Rice Lake Interface Revere BLH
Detroit Simms Hayes PSI
Hamilton Wegener Columbine Vector
Epsilon Strainsense Celesco Heise
Dynisco Hydrotile Bynum Service-Physical
Brainard Killman Hilti VSL Bond Tester and many more
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Linear Measurement
  Precision Comparators to 2"
  Displacement Measurement to 30"
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Geotechnical Equipment
  Proving (Load) Rings
  Direct Residual Shear Devices
  Consolidation Devices
  Triaxial Permeability Devices
  Ring Shear Devices
  Terra Load (Consolidation) Devices
  Pressure Transducers
  Dial Indicators
  Unconfined Devices
  Data Aquisition Units
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Prestress Equipment
  Prestress Jacks
  Multi-Strand Jacks
  Post Tension Jacks
  Dead End Load Cell Systems
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Services Provided
  CSI verifies, calibrates, adjusts, and services your equipment both On-Site and In-House.
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Vacuum Equipment
  Pumps to 30 in hg
  Absolute or Differential Devices
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Pressure Applications
  to 10,000 psi
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Torsion Applications
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Asphalt Equipment
  Simple Performance Testers (dynamic/flow time/flow number)
  Marshall Method Devices
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Misc. Equipment
  Schmidt Concrete Test Hammers
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Pressure Equipment
  Analog Gauges to 10,000 psi
  Digital Gauges to 10,000 psi
  Pressure Transducers to 10,000 psi
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