....Model 3442 Miniature Extensometers ....

Very small, rugged yet ultra-light weight, these units are widely used for testing small and delicate samples. Ideal for many biomedical tests, as well as for wire and thin sheet materials. Also great for low cycle fatigue testing where short samples are used.

Weighing as little as 8 grams, these tiny extensometers also have very low operating force, resulting in little specimen contact force and influence. All use an Epsilon proprietary dual flexure design, which makes them very rugged for their size. Only 0.6 inches tall (15.25 mm), these extensometers will fit in the small space between grips which usually results when small test samples are used.


Very small size and weight (most are 8 grams).
Operate in tension and compression (or cyclic).
Tough dual flexure design for strength and improved performance.
Low activation force, 10 - 20 grams for most models.
Quick Attach Kit for quick, one hand mounting on specimens. Works for both flat and round specimens.
Spacers can be provided to allow changing gage lengths.
Optional high and low temperature versions.
Special coatings and stainless steel knife edges available for biomedical tests.


Full bridge strain gaged design
Output: 2 to 4 mV/V nominal
Excitation: 10 VDC typical, up to 15 VDC or VAC max.
Temperature range: -40 to +100 C (-40 to 210 F)standard
Cable: integral, ultra-flexible cable, 8 ft (2.5 m) standard

Model 3442 Available Versions

ANY combination of gage length, travel and temperature range listed below is available, except as noted.
Gage Length
6 mm 0.25 in.
8 mm 0.5 in.
10 mm 0.64 in.

Travel in Percent Strain
(and linearity of output in percent of full scale)
Percent Linearity
5 0.10 %
10 0.10 %
+20/-10 0.15
+25/-10 0.15%
+50/-5 0.15%
+100/-5 0.15%

Temperature Ranges
Low: -265 to + 100 C (-450 to +210 F)
Standard: -40 to +100 C (-40 to +210 F)
High 1: -40 to +150 C (-40 to +300 F)
High 21: -40 to +175 C (-40 to +350 F)


All models come with a
rugged, foam lined case

3442 with 0.5 in gage length
and 50% travel

Model 3442 with
quick attach kit


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