....Model 3540 Deflection Gages
    (Deflectometers) ....

Widely used for measuring deformations in 3 and 4 point bend tests, on
compression tests and for a variety of general purpose deformations. These
strain gaged devices come with a magnetic mounting base.

Deflection is measured with a single arm, with spherical contact tip, like an electronic dial indicator. The full bridge strain gaged construction provides an electrical output compatible with any electronics designed for a strain gaged transducer.

The magnetic base furnished with the gage can be mounted to the desired reference surface, whether flat or round. The tip can then be positioned to measure the deformation encountered during the test.

All models feature a spring loaded arm that can break free in the event of excessive travel, protecting the extensometer from damage. The upper arm exerts a small spring force against the specimen, which is sufficient to allow dynamic cyclic testing if desired, yet light enough in force to avoid influence on the test.

These units come standard with the arm set to measure downward deflections when oriented in the upright position. They may be used upside down or in any orientation. They may also configured with the extensometer arm spring loaded downward. Specify this if desired. Note that the travels listed are total travel.


General purpose deflection sensor covers many test requirements.
Comes with magnetic base for ease of mounting.
High accuracy
Spring loaded arm pops off to prevent damage from overtravel.
Comes with high quality foam lined case.


Full bridge strain gaged design
Output: 2 to 4 mV/V, nominal
Excitation: 10 VDC typical, up to 15 VDC or VAC max.
Temperature range: standard (-ST) is -40 C to +100 C
Cable: integral ultra-flexible cable, 8 ft (2.5 m) standard
Shunt Calibration Module available

3540 shown with 4 point bend fixture

Model 3540 Available Versions:
ANY combination of travel and temperature range listed below is available.

(and linearity of output in percent of full scale)
METRIC USA Linearity
1 mm 0.05 in. 0.15%
4 mm 0.15 in. 0.15%
6 mm 0.25 in. 0.2%
12 mm 0.50 in. 0.25%
25 mm 1.00 in. 0.30%
Travel listed above is total travel (not ).

Temperature Ranges:

Low: -265 to + 100 C (-450 to +210 F)
Standard: -40 to +100 C (-40 to +210 F)
High 1: -40 to +150 C (-40 to +300 F)
High 21: -40 to +175 C (-40 to +350 F)

1Short term use to 200 C (400 F) acceptable

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