....Model 3543 Single or Dual Range
    Long Gage Length Extensometer ....

Very small, rugged yet ultra-light weight, these units are widely used for testing small and delicate samples. Ideal for many biomedical tests, as well as for wire and thin sheet materials. Also great for low cycle fatigue testing where short samples are used.

Weighing as little as 8 grams, these tiny extensometers also have very low operating force, resulting in little specimen contact force and influence. All use an Epsilon proprietary dual flexure design, which makes them very rugged for their size. Only 0.6 inches tall (15.25 mm), these extensometers will fit in the small space between grips which usually results when small test samples are used.


May be left on through specimen failure
High accuracy, with 0.15% linearity.
Rugged, design for reliable testing.
Separable design with two halves that come apart prevents damage at specimen failure.
Replaceable arms and spacers for ease of repair. This also allows changing the gage length for different test requirements.
All units meet existing ASTM and ISO requirements for accuracy. All will meet ASTM class B-1. All meet ISO 10002-4, class 0,5.
Interface with nearly any brand test system.
Hardened tool steel knife edges are easily replaced. A spare set comes with every extensometer.
Standard Quick Attach Kit for quick, one hand mounting to specimens. Works for both flat and round samples (Flats to 0.5x1 inch (12x25 mm) and rounds up to 1 inch (25 mm) diameter). Optional arms available for larger samples.
Includes high quality foam lined case.
High and low temperature options extend operation from as low as -265 C (-450 F) to +175 C (350 F).
Spacers allow gage length to be changed easily.


Linearity: 0.15% of full scale
Output: 2 to 4 mV/V nominal, depending on model
Excitation: 10 VDC typical, 15 VDC or VAC max.
Temperature range: -40 to +100 C standard (-40 to +210 F).
Cable: Ultra-flexible cable, 8 ft. (2.5 m) standard

Model 3543 Available Versions:

ANY combination of gage length, travel and temperature range listed below is available, except as noted.

Model 3543 with 8 inch gage length
Gage Length:
Other gage lengths available on special order.

50 mm 2 in.
100 mm 4 in.
150 mm 6 in.
200 mm 8 in.
250 mm 10 in.


For single range models and high range of dual range ones
+ 25 mm 1 inch
+ 50 mm 2 inches
+ 100 mm1 4 inches1

example: 50 mm travel in a 50 mm gage length version results in total measuring range of 100% strain.

1100 mm (or 4 inch) travel only available in units with gage lengths of 100 mm (or 4 inches) and larger.

For low range of dual range models

Dual range version, with 200 mm gage length

+ 1 mm 0.04 inches
+ 2 mm 0.08 inches
+ 3 mm 0.12 inches


Temperature Ranges:

Low: -265 to + 100 C (-450 to +210 F)
Standard: -40 to +100 C (-40 to +210 F)
High 1: -40 to +150 C (-40 to +300 F)
High 22: -40 to +175 C (-40 to +350 F)

2 Short term use to +200 C (400 F) acceptable

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