....Model 3548 High Temperature
    Furnace Extensometers, to 1600 C....

Model 3448 with 0.5 in. gage length
High temperature extensometers for use in side cut-out, split type materials testing furnaces. Water cooled and furnace bracket mounted, these are for use to 1200 C (2200 F). The high temperature option allows use to 1600 C (2900 F).

Designed for use at higher temperatures than the Model 3448, these extensometers mount on a water cooled bracket mounted on the furnace side cut-out. The standard temperature version (to 1200 C) is supplied with high purity alumina rods. The high temperature option is furnished with alpha grade silicon carbide rods. Rods are made to order, to the length required for your furnace. Mounting brackets may be integrated with the furnace cut-out. For this reason, many customers buy the combined furnace and extensometer as a package. Epsilon can also provide load frame mounting brackets to fit your test frame.

Contact us for help with configuring a system to meet your test needs. Epsilon also offers the Model 2050 Constant Temperature Water Re-Circulating Bath.

Options: High temperature option (-HT suffix) for use to 1600 C.

Specify rod tip style desired. Available choice are: straight chisel, vee chisel and conical points. Straight chisel tips are the most versatile, since they can be used with round or flat specimens.

Model 3548 Available Versions:
ANY combination of gage length, travel and temperature range
listed below is available, except as noted.

Gage Length
10 mm 0.500 in.
25 mm 1.000 in.
50 mm 2.000 in.

Travel in Percent Strain:
(and linearity of output in percent of full scale)
Percent Linearity
10 0.15%
20 0.15%
+ 50 / -10 0.20%
+ 1001 / -5 0.20%

1Not available in 2 inch and 50 mm gage lengths.
example: 20% strain in a 50 mm gage length version
results in total measuring range of 10 mm.

Temperature Ranges:

Standard: to +1200 C (to +2200 F)
High: to +1600 C (to +2900 F)



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