....Model 3555 High Temperature
    Un-Cooled Extensometer ....

Model 3448 with 0.5 in. gage length
For use in environmental chambers where the entire extensometer must get hot. These capacitive extensometers may be used up to 540 C (1000 F) without any cooling.

These extensometers use a high temperature capacitive sensor and do not require any cooling. They will operate up to the maximum temperature limit of most environmental chambers used in materials testing frames. The Model 3555 is ideal for testing composites, metals and high temperature polymers in tensile, compression or cyclic testing. All units have travel in both compression and tension.

The extensometer comes with the model 3601 signal conditioner. The output is a high level DC voltage, factory calibrated with the extensometer to +/- 5 or +/- 10 VDC typically.

They are readily interfaced with most existing test controllers, and may be directly connected to data acquisition systems and chart recorders. Bringing the signal into a spare DC input channel on the test controller allows the extensometer to be used for strain controlled tests like low cycle fatigue.

Model 3555 with 25mm g.l. and long travel

Electronics included with Model 3555


Very high accuracy. Linearity is within 0.05%.
3601 signal conditioner and power supply included. Provides high level DC voltage output with exceptionally low noise (typical 0.1 mV on 10 VDC output). Easily interfaced to test controllers, data acquisition boards and chart recorders.
Shipped fully calibrated with specified voltage output
All units operate in tension and compression.
Includes Quick Attach Kit as standard, to allow quick mounting on specimens.
Rugged dual flexure design.
Includes high quality foam lined case and spare set of knife edges.


Linearity: 0.05% except 0.10% on longer travel versions
Output: user specified, +/- 5 VDC or +/- 10VDC typical
Input: Power supply included, with power cord.

Model 3555 Available Versions:
ANY combination of gage length and travel listed below is available, except as noted.

Gage Length
10 mm 0.500 in.
25 mm 1.000 in.
50 mm 2.000 in.

Travel in Percent Strain:
(and linearity of output in percent of full scale)
Percent Linearity
5 0.05%
+ 10 / -5 0.05%
+ 20 / -10 0.10%

example: 20% strain in a 50 mm gage length version
results in total measuring range of 10 mm. .



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