....Model 3575AVG Sheet
    Metal r-Value Extensometer ....

Designed for measuring r-value in sheet metal testing, this extensometer averages the lateral strain at two locations. This is used simultaneously with a Model 3542 for axial strain measurement. Also used whenever it is desirable to have two lateral strain readings which are averaged.

This extensometer is self-supporting on the sample. In operation, it has rounded contact edges which measure the sample at two locations. As the test sample is pulled, the contact edges follow the part of the sample they were mounted on, to measure lateral strain on the same material. The output is an average of the two lateral measurements, combining the readings into a single averaged output. Unlike other designs, Epsilonís contacts move with the specimen, so the readings are always on the original part of the test sample they were mounted to.

These extensometers are used with a 2 inch or 50 mm gage length Model 3542 extensometer, which measures the axial strain.


Travel of 2 mm or 0.075 inches.
Single clip-on unit directly measures lateral strain as an average of 2 locations.
Greatly speeds up testing and allows digital data collection as compared to manual measurements.
Very easy to mount.
Full bridge strain gaged design for compatibility with external electronics.
Ultra-flexible cable, 8 ft (2.5 m) long standard.


Linearity: 0.15%
Output: 2-4 mV/V nominal
Excitation: 10 VDC recommended, 15 VDC or VAC max.
Temperature range: -40 to +100 C (-10 to +350 F).
Shunt Calibration Module available

Model 3575AVG used with Model 3542 Axial Extensometer



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