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A high accuracy, high speed meter. Allows multiple calibrated ranges. Optionally, the DSM-Plus can have two channels to read force and strain. This is a simple, low cost way to obtain the data for stress-strain plots.

The DSM-Plus is ideal for customers who own several extensometers. The automatic recognition feature allows each extensometer to be calibrated individually on one meter. When the extensometer is plugged in, the meter automatically recognizes it. When power is turned on the calibration data for this extensometer is recalled from memory. It is also possible to calibrate the same extensometer in multiple ranges. For example, it is frequently convenient to calibrate an extensometer to a range of 10% of the full scale travel to allow greater sensitivity for tests at small strains.

The dual channel version is very useful for tests which require two strain readings, such as measurement of Poisson's ratio or r-value tests on sheet metal samples. It also is a low cost solution to upgrading older test systems. One channel is used for strain and the other for the force reading from a load cell. The RS232 digital output or the analog outputs make computerized data acquisition simple.


Automatic recognition of extensometers
High accuracy, 6 digit display in engineering units such as percent strain or displacement.
Analog output with capability of 0 to 10 VDC output
RS 232 digital output included
Front panel tare button to zero output at the start of every test
60 readings per second update rate
Optional second channel allows for second extensometer to be used simultaneously or load and strain measured simultaneously for a low cost solution to obtaining stress-strain plots for older machines.

DSM-Plus Available Options:

Second channel for strain or load cell
Encoder input

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