....Outstanding performance features
    in every model ....

Rugged construction withstands constant handling and mounting.
May be left on through specimen failure.
Light weight to minimize specimen influence.
Operate in both tension and compression, as well as for cyclic tests (most models).
Capable of operation at high test frequencies for cyclic tests
Low operating force, normally less than 40g, with many under 20g.
Easy to attach to specimens, with quick attach kits for most models.
Immersible in many non-conductive fluids.
Initial gage length accurately established.
All come with foam lined case.

Backed by many years of experience.

Twenty two years of experience in materials testing and extensometer design combine to provide extensometers that work well for the intended tests. Epsilon has the people with the experience. Our factory direct structure means you can talk to the people with the knowledge.

The extensometers in this catalog are the result of design refinements based on the experiences and inputs from customers over many years. When it comes to interfacing your extensometer to existing test equipment, we usually know exactly what’s needed, because we’ve done it before.

Full 1 year warranty on every extensometer

The warranty covers defects in materials or workmanship for a full year, excluding normal wear and damage from excessive force. Each unit is produced under stringent quality standards and is fully tested and calibrated. Certain items such as knife edges wear under normal circumstances and a spare pair is included. Should your extensometer require repair, Epsilon maintains a policy of quick response to keep your test lab running.

High accuracy, Exceeding the Requirements
of ASTM E83 and ISO 9513

All extensometers in this catalog are very high accuracy, with performance significantly better than required by various standards organizations. For ASTM E83, all will meet class B-1, except for the longer travel versions of our Model 3540 Deflection Gages. For ISO 9513, Epsilon’s extensometers meet class 0,5. Many extensometers regularly achieve a linearity better than 0.1% when calibrated at the factory.

All units ship with a certificate of accuracy, traceable to NIST. Each is individually calibrated, with relevant data provided.

Highest quality and the best value

The entire line of extensometers covered in this catalog were engineered for high performance during even the most demanding materials testing applications. They have the ruggedness needed for high volume testing labs, proven through years of customer use.

Epsilon extensometers are sold factory direct. Coupled with our innovative design, the result is substantial cost savings to your company, with world class products.

Unique dual flexure design combines with
overtravel stops for ruggedness.

Nearly all models use a dual, right angle flexure design which protects the extensometer from undesired motions. This also isolates the sensing element from side forces and accelerations from dynamic tests. Unseen errors are thus virtually eliminated.

Mechanical stops protect the extensometer from
damage when specimen failure occurs.

They also help prevent damage from mishandling.

All standard axial extensometers may be left
on through specimen failure.

The stops are there to protect the unit when this happens.

A Replaceable parts for added life and versatility

All models (where applicable) have easily replaced knife edges. A spare set is included in the spare parts kit. The standard knife edges are made from hardened tool steel, for long life. The modular design with spacers allows easy replacement of arms if damaged. The gage length usually may be changed in the field by adding or removing spacers.



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