....Forney FT-Series Service Bulletin Over Extension of the Ram/Cylinder Assembly ....

If your machine exhibits a large release of oil from the Ram/Cylinder Assembly, please use the following procedure to determine the nature of the leak:

1. Shut off the pump motor.
2. Position your valve in the RELEASE position.
3. Allow the Ram to retract on its own.
4. If the Ram does not retract, Call Calibration Services, Inc. Note: Do not force the ram back in the cylinder via a hydraulic jack or pry bar. Serious damage may result.
5. Once the Ram has retracted, clean all oils from the Ram and surrounding platens, etc.
6. Test another concrete cylinder and note the amount of leakage from the Ram area. You may see a very small amount of oil, but do not be alarmed.
7. Wipe down the assembly and try another specimen. You may still see a thin film of oil, but that is common when the Ram is overextened. A small amount of oil gets caught between the cylinder seals and will seep out when you advance and retract the Ram assembly. If this leakage persists after several days, a new O-ring and Back-Up ring may be needed. Contact Calibration Services, Inc. if these services are necessary.

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