....Lifting Dynamometer Calibration....

Calibration Services, Inc. has developed a specialty Lifting Dynomometer calibration program that uses the highest of standards but is more cost efficient than most of our competition!

Providing highly trained personnel to guarantee the integrity of your equipment.
Capacity for Lifting Dynomometer/load cell Calibrations is up to 125 tons.
ISO 17025 accredited
All calibrations are performed to the latest ASTM standards (E-4).
Work performed in compliance with AASHTO, ANSI and ISO requirements.
All documentation and traceability to NIST included with calibration.
Full documentation includes: As Found, Run 1, Run 2, % error, and algebraic difference.
Prices include calibration, preventative maintenance, cleaning, and adjustment.
Any major repairs will require additional labor and parts charges.

Contact CSI today for our unbelievable prices!

Providing factory authorized calibrations for:
Eilon Engineering's dynamometers, hanging scales, load cells and crane scales are load, tension and force measurement devices used for weighing during lifting, force & load testing and overload prevention
RON crane scales, dynamometers, overload detectors, load cells and hanging scales





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