Frequently Asked Questions

We at, CSI, take pride in the fact that we cover the whole life cycle of testing devices and machines. We can help recommend machinery and equipment; calibrate, clean, maintain and service that equipment; and assist in retirement of said equipment.

We calibrate and service all, but not limited to the following equipment: force testing machines and load cells for compression and tension testing, all types of extensometers, deflectometers, and strain devices to perform MOE, Poisson Ratio, and a variety of other specialty tests, lifting dynamometers, crane scales, laboratory scales, and balances, to name a few. Click Here to view our extensive list of equipment we can Calibrate and Service.

We service and adjust all types of equipment. In rare instances, we may come across equipment that is not field serviceable, maybe because the manufacturer will not share the passwords. Even in those instances, we research and attempt to resolve these attempts to block field service. Our commitment to you is that you and your equipment are not held hostage in these cases. 

Once they are processed, you will usually receive them no later than seven business days from your calibration.

In-house certificates are typically sent back with the device, generally two to three business days from receipt. 

Our highly-trained Calibration Technicians will find solutions for clients faced with premature machine replacement by matching up components that allow them to continue using their devices. 

At CSI, we have a complete library of documents and can even help secure old software. 

At CSI, we excel in providing Client support in these areas. We have developed a reputation for being a go-to supplier for labs in this position. From current and obsolete pump rebuilds to reconditioning digitals, we will do everything we can to get you up and running as soon as possible.

CSI’s in-house calibration turnaround time is between one and two days. We even offer calibration in-house while you wait and coordinate drop off and pick up of your equipment to minimize down time. 

Calibration Services, Inc. prides itself on total customer satisfaction. We continuously provide our clients with top-notch services, transparent communications, and quick turnaround times.

The short answer is no. At CSI, our Technicians are required to address all service-related problems during the calibration activity. The technician will clean your device as part of a preventative maintenance program, which helps us locate issues that need repairing during your calibration visit. Our Office Staff surveys the client before arrival so that the Technicians will be aware of any problems with the equipment and be prepared with the proper parts to service your device. Our Lead Calibrator reviews this activity before and after each visit to ensure client satisfaction is maintained. We actively seek feedback from all our clients. 

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