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At Calibration Services, Inc., our clients and their needs come first. For over 40 years, our team of highly trained technicians have been 100% dedicated to servicing every need of our valued clients.

Your Partner in Calibration

We specialize in standard, unique, and one-of-a-kind applications. CSI verifies, calibrates, adjusts, services, and cleans your equipment. Our calibrations are performed in accordance with ASTM, ISO, ANSI, AASHTO, PCI, and MIL standards and specifications. We provide on-site or in-house activities. Call today to see how we can best serve you!

We offer many different servicing and repair options to ensure that your equipment performs accurately and reliably every time. We specialize in standard, unique, and one-of-a-kind applications. We will coordinate parts availability to avoid expensive callbacks to complete service. We offer the most competitive pricing structure in the industry by providing on-tour pricing for site work and a fast turnaround time for in-house activities. Unlike most other calibration companies, we include preventative maintenance on all types of laboratory testing equipment with all calibrations. We will work directly with many different manufacturers of materials testing equipment to expedite repairs and provide extensive problem solving to assist our Clients with keeping their equipment in top operating condition. 

Force Calibrations

Compression Testing Machines to 800,000 Lbf, Tension to 250,000 Lbf

Geotechnical Equipment

Proving Rings, Pressure Transducers, Dial Indicators, LVDT/LDT's and much more!

Linear Measurement

Precision Comparators to 2" and Displacement Measurement to 30"

Prestress Equipment

Prestress Jacks, Post-Tensioning Rams, Multi-Strand Jacks, Post-Tension Equipment, and Dead-End Load Cell Systems

Pressure Equipment

Analog Gauges, Digital Gauges, Vacuum Gauges, and Pressure Transducers to 10,000 psi

extensometry & Strain Devices

Extensometers (Tension and Compression) up to 30" G.L., Crack Extensometers, Compressometers, Rock-Core Testing Devices, and much more!

Manufacturers we Service

At CSI we work with a variety of manufacturers including Forney, Tinius Olsen,
Soiltest, Geotest, Geotech, Humboldt, and many more!

Your Partner in Repair,
Rebuild, Retrofitting & Reconditioning Services

CSI has been reconditioning and repairing equipment since 1974. We take great pride in every application. Preventative maintenance of testing equipment is included with all calibrations. We provide solutions for obsolete equipment and components to prolong the usable life of your laboratory equipment. To date, our reconditioned equipment is still in service, providing our clients with quality testing results.

We provide customer retrofit services to upgrade and enhance the testing capabilities of existing equipment. Our packages can incorporate strain and displacement devices with in-depth software for post-test materials analysis. We offer complete machine rebuilding services for many testing devices and can recondition testing equipment – renewing the device and providing our clients with a new machine status warranty.  We offer training to laboratory personnel to aid in the proper operation of their equipment.

If you are looking for Calibration and Service for your equipment, CSI is the best in the industry. You can be guaranteed we will never lower our standards of being 100% dedicated to the quality and consistency of our work.

You don't have to replace your machine!

CSI provides reconditioning services for a variety of physical testing machines. Our program offers a comprehensive plan to re-use existing technology to meet current testing demands. Your existing testing systems provide familiarity for your laboratory technicians. This is critical when developing quality procedures within your organization. With complete or partial reconditioning with OEM parts, we can give you the best in new capabilities and with a machine that looks and operates like new! To date, our refurbished equipment is still in service, providing our clients with quality testing results. Call today to see how a quality reconditioning of your testing equipment can improve your testing needs without sacrificing your equipment budget!

We Provide the Best Service in the Industry​

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